🌍 Don’t be Just a Student — An AIESECer Perspective — Alessandro Marchesin

What is AIESEC?

What does AIESEC do?

4 years later


  • Hard skills: real-life work allowed me to learn tools that I would have had to master in the future, such as Excel, Social Media, Advertising, Data Analysis, PowerPoint, Coding and so on. Studying is not even half of the story, and if you want to master anything, you need the chance to experiment compulsively (or, as I like to say, “crash your head against”). It is also going to help you in the job market and to actually figure out what you like!
  • Soft skills: for sure a buzzword of the 21st century, but they make a difference between survival and thriving. In AIESEC, I understood dynamics regarding communication, team management, team dynamics, performance management. The coolest thing is that, if you had to learn in a job environment, you’d probably need many years of experience to have that level of responsibility where team leading skills are required. Youth-run organisations, on the other hand, offers the opportunity to cover high responsibility jobs way more quickly.
  • Mindset: experiencing AIESEC helped me acquire a useful mental model to take the best from my life. Have a growth mindset, take 100% of the responsibility of everything, always kill excuses, listen to others, practice empathy and gratitude, challenge others and yourself to improve constantly, run out of your comfort zone, don’t settle. They are some of the mantras that you breathe in the organisation. An equipped mindset and a positive attitude can win any battle. **
  • Why: after working four years, aware of the impact that my actions could do every day, I would not stop looking for meaning in what I do. Personal fulfilment comes from connecting what you do with your values, beliefs, and the issues you care about the most. Please, don’t start settling down in a routine you just tolerate, don’t forget what you were dreaming, always look for meaning and purpose in your everyday actions.

All in all



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