🗞 How to Catch Up with News and Articles

Why you get lost

  • When caught up in an exciting blog, you tend to jump to the next thrilling article linked to the first one. And maybe you find out a compelling video on YouTube. And then, hey, Youtube is suggesting a similar video. That is to say: often, the online environment is busy and distracting, and you have no “breath” to read intentionally.
  • Do you have a carefully organised list of blogs to follow? Do you meticulously track which ones you’ve read and which ones are up to read? I bet no. You can have a bookshelf for novels and magazines, but articles are outside your control, and you often “happen” to visit them.
  • You probably won’t finish this article. I may have already lost you to another tab in your browser, or a ping from a coworker, or an email from your boss. Or any number of other digital distractions that have come to define modern life. The so-called context switching harms your possibilities of reading a good amount of articles within a reasonable amount of time, and the chances that you finally manage to finish your reading list keep decreasing.
  • Many news websites offer very noisy experiences: you hardly focus on the focus because it’s full of advertising, or images, or links to (un)correlated articles. Would it be nice a book-like experience?

Collect in the stream and pick the best

A workflow example

  1. Use 10 minutes a day to scroll your Feedly feed and understand what articles you may want to read. Send to Pocket every report you consider worthy.
  2. Plan a moment every week to get through your Pocket. Try not to have any other app opened on your computer/phone/browser and enjoy some peaceful reading time.



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